NOTE: All of my media work, unless otherwise noted, was edited using Final Cut Pro and filmed using Panasonic P2 HD and/or Canon Vixia cameras.



Masks: An interview with Colleen Anderson and Irene McKinney

My success with the creation of a feature about the RCAH Center For Poetry led to an opportunity to document an artist in residence at Michigan State University. The RCAH Center for Poetry and the MSU Museum brought West Virginia Poet Laureate Irene McKinney to premier the museums exhibition Mask: Secrets and Revelations, which celebrates the fascination with masks from around the world. McKinney happens to be a mask enthusiast, and they influence much of her poetry. I filmed songwriter Colleen Anderson interviewing McKinney about poetry and masks. I also filmed a community writing workshop and poetry reading by McKinney, which I incorporate throughout the video. The video will be used for archival and promotional purposes. There were some technical difficulties with the lighting and audio when creating this piece, and I overcame hurdles to make this piece look as high quality and professional as possible. It is featured on the MSU Museum website.

RCAH Engaged: video features highlighting creativity and civic engagement

For three semesters, I created video features for MSU’s Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH) about creativity and civic engagement in the college. When creating these features, I interviewed students and faculty involved in the course or program of subject while running the camera. I also filmed all of the b roll using Panasonic P2 HD or Canon Vixia HD cameras. I then compiled and edited the footage using Final Cut Pro. This piece shows that I can make multimedia features by using the medium to tell a story. The primary audience is prospective students and their families. The secondary audience includes current students, alumni, faculty, and the community at large. All of the features I created are available to view on the RCAH YouTube Channel. My favorites include Construyendo Comunidad (my most recent), Art at Work: Civic Engagement at Peckham Industries, and the RCAH Center For Poetry Feature.

Remix: One Got Fat meets Bug O Rama

I created this remix for an assignment in my multimedia writing class. The clips I used were from a bicycle safety video, One Got Fat, and the movie trailer for the 1950’s film Bug O Rama. I took two pieces that were separate of one another to create a new piece that had an entirely new meaning. Here I show my ability to manipulate video and audio to change the meaning. I also show how I can create and set moods through video.