Alright. I am in the process of drawing page 19, which is a splash page essentially explaining my time in NYC. The page is a drawing of the WW3 exhibition at Exit Art from the closing reception. The purpose of this page is to separate the second and third sections of my comic (the second section being my interview with Nicole, the third being my analysis of Nicole’s work) Here is the photo it is based off of:

ww3 exhibition

The photo will also include, in the foreground, Nicole and myself talking with other WW3 folk such as Seth Tobocman and Isabella Bannerman (two people I also interviewed in NYC. Although for the purpose of time and length, their interviews will not be in my thesis)

In these last three and a half weeks, I will be working on the final stages of my thesis. Currently I am in the final scripting stages of the third section, revising text in the second section, and assembling everything I need to start screen printing the covers.

One thing I have realized while working on this thesis is that at the beginning, a 25-30 page comic seemed like it would cover enough information. I was honestly worried about how I would obtain that much information. The fact is, I am in the process of trying to contain boatloads of valuable information in 30 pages or less for the sake of time and sanity. This is really, really hard. I’m to the point where I could easily write a 300 page comic on the subject of autobiographical comics, DIY, and pedagogy. Maybe that’ll be a masters thesis or a future grant project.

I am about to go live at the drawing table(s?) this weekend (aka coffeeshop, library, or other random place where I can be working in isolation with caffeine and music) I forsee many all nighters, or something close to it, in the next few weeks. I’m excited though, and I can’t stop daydreaming about what this comic is going to look like in the end.

I’m leaving you with one of my favorite pages i’ve illustrated so far. It is sans text and not inked yet. It describes the story of how Nicole became a part of WW3 Illustrated.

Page 7, Blue Pencil

Have a lovely weekend!

Until next time,


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