Tonight, after having to redo my covers last Friday, I finished my thesis covers!!!!

They aren’t cropped yet here. But considering that I am far from a screenprinting guru, I’m really happy with how they turned out.

I have ink on every single one of my pages of my comic. Right now I am working on the details of the last two pages. I have all of the text inked. My goal is to be scanning my comics in by tomorrow. Then will be the long journey with photoshop and LOTS of coffee.

And then the printer. That’s a whole ‘nother debacle in itself.

So somehow these comics are all going to be done by Friday. Actually, I mean that two comics will be assembled and turned into the RCAH. And also, for anyone else who must have one RIGHT AWAY–you might have to wait until I take a nap.

Off to drawing into the night!

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2 Responses to “Thesis covers finished, two more pages to ink.”

  1. Ryan Claytor says:

    Tell me where and when to meet you to purchase a copy. You know where to reach me.


    • fionaks says:

      Ryan- you got it. I’m going to be on campus tomorrow morning, and at graduation stuff here on Saturday (although I see you will be in Toronto)

      If none of those work, e-mail me and lets set up a time. I also would love to talk with you about this and get your feedback!!

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