Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Here’s what I’ve been up to comic wise:

I am finishing up an illustration for the cover IPRC’s October/November Catalog. About 500 copies of this catalog are printed and distributed in the greater Portland area. Here is the illustration, almost finished and ready to be scanned:

On top of this, I am also part of two comics groups. The first one, Comics Jail, is a collective of my classmates from the IPRC Comics Program. We have a facebook page here. You should like us. And (almost) all of us are pictured below.

I’m also part of a smaller comics collective, Bad Boy Image Comics, with Asher Craw and Moises Keymolen, both former classmates from the comics program. We have a Tumblr. And we’ll be debuting at Short Run Small Press Fest in Seattle on Nov. 3.

And lastly, I’ve still got copies of Jade! You can buy them at my online store. And if that isn’t enough, here’s an incentive: the first five people who buy a copy of Jade from my online store will get a postcard sized, custom comic/illustration. (The custom/comic illustration perk is sold out for the time being, but keep looking, and I’m always willing to do custom comics/illustrations. Contact me if you are interested!)

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