I am pleased to announce that I am the spot artist for the November/December issue of Cicada Magazine!

Here is an excerpt from an interview:

CICADA: Your Cicada comic is so much fun! (Flower people! Playing in a labyrinth!) This playfulness and mirth seems characteristic of the comics world — has that been your observation?

FIONA AVOCADO: Absolutely, and that’s one of my favorite things about being a cartoonist. It’s an opportunity to talk about serious issues, but also to create worlds, especially when it feels like your ideas are not cut out for reality. I love being able to read a fantasy comic and escape just as much as I like to read a more serious memoir comic or a politically/socially engaged comic. Not that nonfiction comics can’t be playful; comics are actually very powerful in that they are able to bring elements of play and humor to very serious issues.

CIC: Your aesthetic reminds us of wood block prints — is that an influence? The lines are so bold!

FA: It’s funny you mention that, because you are not the first to compare my work to woodblock prints. In addition to being a cartoonist, I am also a printmaker. I find that the two mediums complement each other well because they are both meant to be reproduced and distributed widely. I’ve never actually worked with woodblocks (I aspire to!), but I am a screenprinter and a linocut printer. (Linocuts are linoleum block prints: a piece of linoleum is carved out to create an image. It’s similar to a woodblock.) I like to use a lot of strong blacks, bold colors, patterns, and contrast in my work, and I tend to be drawn to art that utilizes those elements.

Read the rest of the interview and see new work here.

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