I finished my first new comic in over a year! It’s called The Fika Diaries. It’s a part travel journal, part memoir comic that I’ve been working on off and on for the past six months. It debuted at Short Run Small Press Fest in Seattle last weekend.


This comic was super fun to print. I silkscreened the covers using gold and magenta ink on lavender paper I got from French Paper Company.
Here are some more details:



You can order it here. Also, if you use the code ENDOFYEAR13 at checkout, you’ll get 15% off. That goes for everything in my online store. The deadline is Dec 17. Thanks for your support!

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One Response to “New Comic: The Fika Diaries/Online Sale!”

  1. Bani Amor says:

    def gotta pick this up when i get paid!

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