A couple of nights ago I hustled to make a quick zine featuring my most recent work. After four hours at the IPRC, I came up with 50 copies of a teaser.

Why the teaser? Well, I had the privilege table for the IPRC at Stumptown Comics Fest today! I had lots of great conversations with people today. I partially promoted the awesome work the IPRC does and sold/traded teaser zines and Pedagogy as Dissent.

Highlights include:

-Meeting Nate Powell again, having him remember me and my zine from the 2011 MSU Comics Forum, following through MY promise of giving him my zine, and getting his new book The Silence Of Our Friends after seeing it in progress at the comics forum last year.

-The Multnomah County Library (a.k.a. the library in Portland) purchasing six copies of Pedagogy as Dissent, so now you can check it out from the library!

-Meeting some incredible comic artists! (Such as Carrie McNitch, Theo Ellsworth, Melinda Boyce, and the folks from Neoglyphic Media in Bellingham, WA, just to name a few.)

-Being on a panel with John Isaacson, Lisa Mangum, Nicole Georges, Justin Hocking, and Amy Souza. We promoted the IPRC Comics Program.

-Hilarious quotes:

  • (Lady who teaches comics at a university that picked up my comics and looked through them) “This isn’t really suited for school.”
  • (A guy in reference to the IPRC) “…you know, you’re the other kind of weird, like more fuzzy and lubricated than the other.”

-And last but not least, all of the comics and zines I got via trade and/or splurge!

Comics and zines by Asher Craw, The Missing Sock, Forrest Johnson, Sean Christensen, B.T. Livermore, Nate Powell, Melinda Boyce, Carrie McNitch, John Isaacson, Anna Bongiovanni, Profanity Hill, and Aidan Koch (I hope I’m not forgetting anybody.)

I learned a whole lot today and am really excited to get what I’m working on out into the world (which, by the way, will debut at the Portland Zine Symposium.)

Goodnight world!

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