Hello everyone

I’m looking forward to sunshine in LA this weekend, where i’ll be tabling at LA ZINE FEST!!! I couldn’t be more excited.

If you nearby, come by and say hi! (See map below for where i’ll be) It is Sunday, February 16 from 10am-5pm at Helms Bakery, 8711 Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA. Learn more about LAZF here.


I’ll be debuting my first zine that is not a comic nor does it have a screenprinted cover. It’s a perzine called “Things I almost post as Facebook status updates and then don’t.” It’s small. It’s cute. It’s kind of angry. They’re $1 or trade if interested (add $1 for shipping, e-mail me if you’re interested.) Below are the zines, post production.

Hope to see you there!

P.S. Midwest fans and friends, I’ll be at Chicago Zine Fest next month! It’s March 14-15. Mark your calendars, i’m debuting a new comic!

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2 Responses to “LA Zine Fest”

  1. Miyuki Baker says:

    Hey it was great meeting you today!
    I especially loved the menstrual cup paraphernalia 😉
    Keep it up!
    Don’t think I mentioned my zines to you but if you’re interested I make zines about international queer art and activism, which you can see at: queerscribe.com

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