Jade had it’s first successful debut at the Portland Zine Symposium this weekend! Thanks to all of the folks that came and picked up a copy or traded zines. I look forward to reading all of the zines I got this weekend! (I’ll post a giant picture of my stack of collected zines soon) Also, I had lots of fun sitting between Stumptown Underground and Rain Zine, the two anthologies I submitted comics to in the past year! Here’s a picture of me at my table late Saturday afternoon, tired from the heat and ready to call it a day. (photo courtesy of Corin See. You should check out his comics too!)

If you are in Portland, you can pick up a copy of Jade at Portland Button Works, at 1322 N. Killingsworth (and you should support them too because they’re awesomely awesome!) I will be consigning at more places in town this week.

For out of towners and those who want to purchase Jade directly from me, my goal is to have an online store set up by the end of the week. Bear with me! I’m catching up on some personal life stuff after being in day job/post production mode non-stop for the past month. I will post where you can buy a copy of Jade as it becomes available.

Also, Pedagogy as Dissent is officially out of print. Thanks to everyone who picked up copies in the past year or so. I may do a second edition in the future, but not anytime soon.

More to come!

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