Historically speaking, I have always been really good at creating online blogs, writing two or three entries, and then neglecting them. I managed to do that here, but part of that was because I was in Costa Rica, not drawing as much as I had anticipated to, and I was without a scanner. I’m without excuses, and will be updating this more frequently now.

Currently I am in Minneapolis, and I checked out an AMAZING comic book store. Big Brain Comics, which is located in Minneapolis between the West Bank and Downtown Minneapolis is incredible. There was so much that I wanted to read that after a while I had to leave for the sake of not getting too overwhelmed. After making some selections, here is what I’ll be reading in the next few weeks.

Carnet de Voyage by Craig Thompson: I was curious about this piece because I was blown away by his previous work, Blankets, and I also wanted to see what other comic artists have done while traveling. I’ve broken into the first 50 pages at this point and love his illustrations. I also enjoy the format: he originally wrote Carnet de Voyage as a sketchbook for himself. Although the flow of the story is more choppy and leaves the reader wanting more details in spots, it is less polished and more raw than Blankets. I also have to give him credit for hardly using any photo references in any of his work. Impressive indeed. I’m looking forward to finishing this one.

Diario de Oaxaca by Peter Kuper was another one I snagged for inspiration’s sake. I am not familiar with Kuper’s work, but from the quick flip through of his book, the illustrations looked stunning. Another reason for this one is I am interested in southern Mexico.

Changing from travel comics to my other interests, I was immediately intrigued when I flipped through What It Is by Lynda Barry. I really like how she mixes comics with collage, and combines the two to create her own unique style. I recall picking up one of her works before I started writing comics, and I had not gotten around to reading what I had picked up.

Lastly, Dangerous Woman: The Graphic Biography of Emma Goldman. This should be self explanatory: Emma Goldman was cool, and reading about her life in graphic novel format is even cooler.

I have begun to ink sketches from the trip (will be up very soon!) and will be well on way to working on my travel journal and posting my progress as I go!

Until next time,

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  1. Andrew H. says:

    You’re alive! I’m glad you didn’t abandon this. I want you to keep at it because I’ve neglected all of my blogs after a few posts as well. Keep on keepin’ on, lady.

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