I return to this once again, taking a break from a busy midterms week and cold fall weather. I have comics to put up as soon as I have a scanner. To give you a preview of whats to come here, here’s what I’m up to:

Costa Rica Comics– I worked on some comics from my time in Costa Rica last summer that I’ve been meaning to post. This project got postponed as soon as I returned to school and work, when my freetime somehow got eaten up.

Digital Humanities Conference at MSU– I have been invited to present at MSU’s Digital Humanities conference, put on by the MSU College of Arts and Letters. My presentation, “The presence of comics on the web”, looks at how established and up and coming comics artists use the web to promote and distribute their work. (I’ll be talking a fair amount about blogs like this one…)

Senior Thesis Proposal– A big chunk of my time has been working on a senior thesis proposal for next semester. The thesis topic, “Autobiographical Comics as Social Justice”, looks at how autobiographical comics holds a deeper meaning than just autobiography, focusing on intersections of cultural environment and individual identity. I analyze the objectives of autobiographical comics, the purpose of this genre, and the significance of autobiographical comics as social justice as an art and literary form. The analysis and research draws from the work of comic artist Nicole Schulman, as well as various literature on comics theory and criticism. The final product will be (you guessed it…) a comic! The proposal itself will be up on the site in a couple of weeks.

Watch for lots of updates soon. I’m on a roll…

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