July was supposed to be the month of diary comics. I perhaps picked the worst time to do such a feat, because as of July 12, that goal completely fell through.

But, I have a good reason not to be doing diary comics right now. My life has been consumed by other comic-y things. Jade vol. 1 is in full swing post production phase. Last weekend, I received a lovely box from French Paper with my cover paper I’ll be screen printing on as early as this weekend. The 32 finished and illustrated pages of Jade are all set to print, waiting patiently in an InDesign file. I’ll be picking up the paper they’ll be printed on tomorrow. And my goal is to begin the print run this weekend.

If things go smoothly (and this is a BIG if), there could be assembled issues of Jade by next weekend.

Don’t get too excited though. They aren’t going in anyones hands until the Portland Zine Symposium (which, by the way, is August 11-12 at the Refuge. You should go.)

Anyways, I want to share a couple of other things I’m excited about.

The first is a set of screen prints I made tonight in the IPRC’s first screen printing class, which was for volunteers/staff only. I made a small set of one of my pages from Jade.

Pardon the messy desk. What can I say?

I’m happy with how they turned out. I’ll probably make more. And I’ll likely do a bunch of different ones. If you want one, you should tell me. Cause that’ll determine how many I make.

Also, here is the (nearly) finished drawing I did for the cover of Jade. I’ll be scanning it and prepping it for printing tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing it as a print.

More to come soon!

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