Hello friends and fans!

After moving across the country and finally finding my groove, I reprinted each of the comics I made this summer.


(Left to right: What Is Up With Your Fruity Name?, Thirty Days In Brooklyn, and The Past Two Years Part Two)

Hi everyone,

My newer comics are now available for order in my online store!


What Is Up With Your Fruity Name?

This zine details the story behind my name/name change. I talk about the process I went through in legally changing my name, the personal and bureaucratic hurdles I went through, and the meaning and significance behind determining my identity. This zine was created during the 24 Hour Zine Challenge at the IPRC in Portland, Oregon.

Available here.


Thirty Days In Brooklyn

This zine includes thirty pages of diary comics, that I drew every day during April 2014 while staying at the Koz Collective in Brooklyn, NY. Subjects I explore include biking in the city, learning a new place while knowing I won’t stick around, street harassment, good coffee, good food, good friends, and what it’s like to do an artist residency in Brooklyn. B&W, 36 pages, printed on lavender paper.

Available here.


The Past Two Years, Part Two

This comic is the sequel to The Past Two Years. Ariel, a young, recently outed queer, meets two witchy queers, Sabrina and Luna. In a twist of fate, they all end up in a magical meadow under a full moon, where Ariel has an awakening. B&W, 16 pages, two color screenprinted covers. Created while at the Cyberpunk Apocalypse writers residency in Pittsburgh, PA.

Available here.

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