On a impromptu zine making note, I realized today with the beautiful weather in Portland and with May creeping up that I finished undergrad almost a year ago. This year, I’ve learned a lot of things through my experiences creatively and as a person that I REALLY wish someone would have forewarned me when I graduated. Therefore, I am making a zine called “Things I wish someone told me when I graduated” (I may come up with a better title, I’m open to suggestions)

The zine will probably be short, simple, and sweet, and fit in a cigarette sized box for the IPRC Zine Machine. If it’s done in time, I’ll be bringing it to the Stumptown Comics Festival next weekend.

This is where I need your help: I need submissions besides my own! What have your post graduate experiences been? What did college/university fail to tell you about real life? What did your post-graduate comrades not tell you about life outside of school that you wish you know?

I’m accepting sentences, drawings, anything you can come up with that will fit in an itty bitty tiny zine! In exchange, I will send you copies of the zine for you to distribute!

Thank you in advance!

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