I feel like I should be writing in this a lot more than I have been. I recently had some friends in town, i’ve been homemaking/shifting my place around, and now i’m recovering from a gnarly cold. So, maybe I have an excuse for not updating in here so much. Just maybe.

Anyways, here are some comics happenings and updates:

2012 Olympia Comics Festival!

This was my first comics fest tabling just for my comics, which was cool and pretty low key. The festival was really small, about 1/3 of the folks tabling were from Portland. Things about the comics fest and Olympia in general reminded me a lot of my hometown, Marquette Michigan, but instead in the Pacific Northwest and much more hipster. It was cool to see a comics festival happening in a smaller town, and it definitely was more mellow than previous fests I’ve attended. I liked seeing what was going on in Olympia comicswise. I talked with some nice folks, got lots of ideas for tabling at the Zine Symposium (like a new found love of drawing portraits on sticker paper), got some new comics, and ate a delicious burrito.

Me and Moises tabling. I’m probably drawing on stickers or drawing portraits of passerbys.

And here’s me getting swept away by a wave!

And this is what my comics classmates and I do while we’re waiting for dinner:

A collaborative drawing of the bad burrito, while eating burritos at Quality Burrito (who, by the way, make an excellent vegan ranchero burrito!)

Ok, moving onto the third semester of the comics program!

For the past couple of weeks, we have had various guest instructors and panels of people from the comics world. Last week we had a Bindfast class with BT Livermore, as well as an InDesign class with Jered Bogli. Tonight we had a panel of comics publishers from Oni Press, Darkhorse, and Tugboat Press. All of these classes have been very insightful, helpful, and interesting.

And, lastly, my final project (which still needs a title) is SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE!!!! I mentioned somewhere (maybe facebook?) that I’d have it done by June 1, but that definitely didn’t happen. So, my next deadline is to have all of the pages drawn by Wednesday (and yes, I have time set aside for just that and nothing else) Here is a preview of PAGE 31!

Page 31, in progress. It is taking me forever.

And when it’s all done being drawn, it still isn’t over. For starters, I need a title. And I am horrible at thinking of titles. If you have ideas, let me know!

Then, I will scan my work into photoshop, edit and revise the drawings, scan again, and then format everything for printing. On top of that, I’ll be working on book and cover design, which will include screenprinted covers, that I’ll be printing at the new IPRC Screenprinting Studio!

It’s going to be a very busy next month and a half.

And after spending countless hours folding, assembling, and binding the comics together, they’ll be ready for 2012 Portland Zine Symposium (mark your calendars–August 11 and 12)

Ok, that’s all.

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