I have to get my thesis done in a week. Actually, I want to have two copies handed in by Thursday. Which basically means, I want it done by Thursday.

With that there’s been a rush. Last night I started to screenprint the first of three layers of my cover design. It had been over a year since I screenprinted, so my skills were rusty. I would find this out very quickly. Here’s what the first layer looked like:

It was blurry, the detailed lines weren’t as thick as I wanted, the color was unexpected, yet I kept on with it anyways.

After  mixing up too much paint in ugly colors, washing out my screen three or so times because the paint dried out too fast, and simply trying to remember how to silkscreen, I printed 120 covers in six hours. Unfortunately, when I printed the second layer, this was what happened:

I took this in iphoto. Bare with me.

The prints weren’t lining up and the ink wasn’t consistent. This was one of my better test prints, if that says anything.

After that, I called my thesis advisor, Dylan, down tot the art studio, just to figure out that I messed up the first layer and I have to re print the first layer ALL OVER AGAIN.

So, there went six hours of nothing.

On a more positive note, I’m almost done inking page 19, the splash page I talked about earlier. Here’s where I’m at with it:

Inking is fast, so I’m not terribly worried about getting to page 30 by early next week. So long as I have enough caffeine and can force my eyes to stay open and my brain to keep thinking somewhat.

Off to work!

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